Old Theatre (indoor lighting)

  1. Old Theatre LEDs
  2. Old Theatre Luminaires
  3. Old Theatre Camers Spots
  4. Old Theatre Recessed Multi lamp
  5. Old Theatre Bespoke Lighting
Old Theatre LEDs
Flairlight LED uplights were used to create a subtle colour wash 300mm up the brickwork and to provide a light guidance entising entry.
Flairlight recessed assymetrical mains voltage luminaires were used to wash the stair treads with glare free illumination, providing warm colour and crisp halogen colour rendering.
Solid ceilings required a surface mounted lighting solution, therefore Flairlight mains dimmable track and camera spots were chosen to deliver a gallery feel whilst also linking with the old theatre image.
Flairlight Recessed Multi lamp Low Voltage fittings were selected to provide a controllable dimmable high output light source to provide strong focused adjustble ambient lighting, providing good colour rendition enhanced by clean line asthetics.
Flairlight Stage Lighting Surface Mounted Projectors were chosen to provide additional spot lighting. The fitting was chosen in keeping with the Old Theatre heritage of the property whilst providing latest technology light source, Barn Doors and curly cable were fitted to enhance the visual appearance.
Flairlight needed to provide illumination to the shower area. As the roof/ceiling was made of glass and the walls were rustic brick, recessing cables was not an option, so we provided an ingenious solution by threading 80 fibre optic tails into a square shower head and housed the control box within the shower wall central partition. This was a unique proposition to a problem which provided a fantastic lighting solution. Spare fibre optic tails were then used between the tiles, bed into the grout to create a line of light emitting diodes adding to the brilliance and unique design of the project.

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